Arizona Art and Soul

I’m an Arizona native who loves photography and all things artsy.  I received my Associates Degree in Digital Photography from Phoenix College in 2015.  During my internship I met and became friends with local artist Alexi DeVilliers and a collaborating hub emerged.  His robots have gone on many adventures within my landscape photographs. 

When I’m not creating my next master piece, I enjoy spending time with my family and helping my grandson with his zoo of 2 major plated lizards, 3 leopard gecko lizards, 1 Sulcata tortoise, 2 betas and 2 dogs.  I’m sure each member will make it into a composite photo or two real soon.

I believe that it’s very important to help others and give back.  So for the last two years, with the encouragement and help of my family,  I have had the privilege of creating and heading Santa’s Seniors.  The program allows the approximately 125 homeless senior citizens of Just A Center in downtown Phoenix to ask Santa for a gift or two.  Santa and all of his elves have been amazing and have granted every wish.

Harvey Fierstein said it best, “Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate. “    

Photography brought me to Phoenix College. 

PC brought me to Alexi who feeds the seniors at Just A Center every week. 

Just A Center has shown me a whole other side of homelessness. 

My hope is that my artwork and business will prosper and allow me to continue to give back to others.