Arizona Art and Soul


Both of my parents are from Cuba, before Castro took over my parents settled in New York, but later moved to Hialeah, Florida when I was 5 years old.  Having 5 kids and just one paycheck, my mother had to stretch every dollar, but one thing I remember is that she always had more than enough food for all of us and the neighbors..  We had great food, full of flavor and you could taste the love that went into making it.  As I got older and learned to cook, I started sharing my extra food with my neighbors.

Then later I worked as a cook at the Veteran's Home on Indian School and 7th Street in Phoenix and learned to cook good nutritionally balanced food in huge quantities.  After a while I thought my neighbors didn't really need the food and noticed the homeless in a park by my house in Tempe.  So on a Saturday, my wife and I packed up all of our leftovers and went to this park and fed the homeless there.  We started out with 12 meals on the first Saturday and then the next Saturday we bought 24 frozen dinners and cooked them in our oven...then I thought "I can make twice as much food, better and for half the cost if I make it myself from scratch".

So now every Saturday my wife and I get up at 5:30 am and cook 100-120 hot and fresh meals.  In 2010 we found a day shelter that helps out people 55 and older on 10th Ave. and Jefferson in Phoenix called "Just A Center" and have been providing them with lunch every Saturday since,  I try to make fun meals for them that are hot, nutritious and homemade.

Thanks for your support..